Playable Gen 2 Battle Maker (now on mobile browser!)

Hi everyone! This is a playable Gen 2 battle maker for the browser.

new demo.gif

Make battles and play them here: (try it on your phone )

This uses Pokémon Showdown as the back-end. The source code is here.
Let me know if you would like to contribute! Here are ways to help:
  • Animating moves. Most of the popular moves are animated, but we still have a ways to go.
  • Held items. Probably the next most important thing.
  • Better opponent AI.
I will be posting all major updates in this thread, so in the mean time:
  • Please try it out and give feedback!
  • Share the battles you create here :)
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Update 9/10/2022

  • Making lots of progress on move animations, please let me know if you'd like to contribute! Animating moves isn't too hard, so if you have programming experience, or you would like programming experience, let me know! You will be credited :)))


  • Demo'd the battle maker last week. 300 users revealed the strong-points, and especially the weak-points of the project. I spent most of this week squashing bugs and making the website more resilient to errors lol.
Update 9/14/2022

Got some more moves in. My next goal is to be able to build the battle with RED and have it fully animated and functional :)
I'm so excited to finish the basics and start implementing more interesting features !

WOW, this looks sick! Would love to contribute, I'm a web developer with some front experience with JS, TS and React. Can we talk anytime?
Looking forward to this! Surprisingly fun and intuitive to use, could be a good way to get my friends into pokemon battling, haha :woo:
Great job, do you have any future plans with this? My dummy ahh can't read, ops. I'll be trying out making some battles on this meanwhile!

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